Monday, January 11, 2010

Welcome to my blog!


This is the moment. Today I start this new adventure called "blogging" Well, its not "new" to the world of the interwebs - just new to me. Hopefully i am not too late to the party, eh? I hope to add a daily contribution to this blog, under any and all subject matter. Whatever my mood is at the time - that is what I am likely to write about.

I like to cycle. I don't get to do it near enough, but I can at least stand there and stare at my bikes longing to ride them eventually. I like to watch movies, but most of the time I am doing something else - like staring at the bikes I don't have time to ride or washing dishes. If not doing that then I might be reading about the ill fate of the world while neatly folding laundry like a good 60's housewife. Folding laundry into neat orderly piles while watching news about the collapse of western society is real irony, but I digress. I like gizmos and gadgets... not sure what else to say but if you stay tuned in it will be fun. I like to route people I know to funny things I have seen on the cluster of the internet. Now that I have a blog that means that more than 4 people (hopefully) will get to experience some of the funny stuff I have encountered.

I like to think of myself as a kind of "cutting edge" guy, but then I find myself to sign up for FaceBook and everyone under the sun is already there, including some of the most non-geek types I went to High School with. WTF? Here I was the teenage kid in the computer lab playing on the 6" screen Macintosh and yet in the current age I am late to the FaceBook party. Yikes. I need to up my game.

Well, I am off for now to find inspiration! I am sure it will hit me...

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