Monday, March 4, 2013

Time to switch stores!

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Melaleuca March 2013!

Melaleuca March - Mothers Day and SPRING Prep!

Mothers day specials are ON at the Melaleuca Website. For this month, check them out and get that shopping DONE along with your regular monthly order! Spring is also fast approaching and that means time to get ready for the sun. Get a jump on the sun - try out the Melaluca sunscreen!
Product Focus: Sunshades 30 SPF Sunscreen

It is absolutely critical to use sunscreen in the summer to prevent sunburn, but do you know what is IN the sunscreen you put on your body? DONT take chances with store bought sunscreen that is full of harmful chemicals. Give Melaleuca Sunshades a try - order this month and be ready for the sunshine! This sunscreen is a GREAT price compared to the store bought brands, better for your skin, and worth 7 product points!

If you know someone who would benefit from Melaleuca products, or who would like to potentially earn some extra money, refer them and I can get them started NOW! By doing so, you will start buildng your own Melaleuca business and you will be helping them save (and possibly make) money and use healthier products!

At Melaleuca, we Help People Reach Their Goals!