Tuesday, April 2, 2013

What is "wellness" anyway?

This is something that I have had to ask myself as of late. What is "all this about" as I wake every day.

The word "wellness" is being tossed all around lately. Everything is about wellness. But what is it? Money? Fitness? Happiness in your work? Solid friendships? Helping others?

Well it is all of the above. I have found, though CrossFit, Melaleuca, and now working with Coventry Cycle Works that real wellness is a recipie that has several ingredients.

With Coventry, I get to work with recumbent bicycles. This makes me very happy. But better yet, since it is a "different" type of bike shop, we get the occasional odd request. Recently a man brought a converted handcycle for his handicapped daughter. It needs new brakes and an overall tune up. It is basically now a wheel chair that he can push and she can steer. Knowing I can help these folks makes me happy.

With CrossFit I get to see people do things they did not think possible when they first show up. When a CrossFitter PR's a lift, even by only a few pounds and even if that weight is small compared to the firebreathers - it is amazing to see the sense of accomplishment wash over them.

And with Melaleuca, I get to help people save money, get healthier greener products, and possibly start a business of their own and start the road to a better savings or even to replace their income. This third leg for me has made all my "work" I do complete and I LOVE WHAT I DO! If you are wondering about this company and how it can only ADD to your wellness - please contact me!

It does not get much better. I have been though a lot of careers where I did not have that good mix of ingredients that made me feel the "wellness" vibe.

I am getting there... YOU can get there too. It only takes that first few steps!

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