Monday, July 25, 2011

Marathons for the GT3

Well after CO Weekend experiencing 7 flats, one of the GT3's has received new rubber. Seven (7) flats on the Greenspeed Scorcher tires was more than I could bear. The Marathons went on without hassle (no tool install - YES!) and looks pretty darned good. Reflective stripes on the sidewalls = bonus.

We will see soon how they fare flat wise and performance wise.

Building Some Sugar Sweet Wheels!

Earlier this month I took the opportunity to get a new skill by taking a wheel building class through Sugar Wheel Works. Building wheels has been the holy grail of skills for me in the cycling world - I just love wheels and find the entire process fascinating.

These are replacements for the single wall stock rims on the B1 (stocks will serve as back up set) and I decided to go with:

Aeroheat 406 rims
SRAM X7 hubs
Black straight gauge spokes
Blue anodized nipples

Instructing the class was wheel builder extraordinaire Jude Kirstein. What a great class! They are small and it is like having a personal 1 on 1 expert session. It cannot get better than that. I have now had some time to roll around on the wheels and have to say - riding around on wheels that you have built yourself is an interesting feeling. I am not sure any other cycling "cycling mechanic" activity has been as satisfying. It's one thing to make a repair - or even build up a bike from a frame, but riding on personally built wheels is really cool. The SRAM X7 rear hub is near silent, which is a very very nice thing to have on a recumbent and when you would rather enjoy the sounds of nature versus the clacking of the hub while coasting. In fact, I am thinking strongly about riding this rear wheel on the QNT for Cycle Oregon as it is soooooo quiet!

The build process was not near as scary as I thought - quite methodical and step by step really. Follow the process. Tweak it down to the fine detail at the end. Don't skip steps or cut corners. Excellent. It was a lot of fun and the tedious portions at the end of the truing process are the best - you can feel the wheel getting dialed to perfection!

Here are some shots of the process and the finished wheels. Anyone looking to gain a new skill should check out the classes offered at Sugar Wheel Works!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Cycle Oregon Weekend 2011 - The Video

Put the final touches on a video for the Cycle Oregon Weekend. Not near as many pictures on this ride, but that was particularly hard to do on Sunday with all the drenching rain. Captured the essence of the trip though. Fun times and as always - the eager wait for the 2012 trip has already begun!!


Weekend ride done. Countdown to Going Coastal!

The weekend ride is over and done with. Man it was a strange one. A bit of the good weather, but the second day was as wet as I have ever been while riding. Here at home the drying out of gear continues...

At the final water stop the inside of my raincoat sleeves were full of water - ugh! Knock on wood but I am really really hoping for some more mild weather for the week ride. I realize it is on the coast so all bets are off, but wetness like that is hard to deal with for more than a single day.

The calendar as of today puts the week ride 52 days away. The time is now going to hit warp speed and September will be here before the blink of the eye. In the meantime, here are a few images from the last weekend. Also pleased worth the mount I had rigged up for the GoPro camera. It should prove to be very useful on the week ride for some great downhill footage.

 Local dog Harry guards the rest stop goodies.

 Crowds always gather to check out the trikes.

 Ride INTO the light!!!

 Camp before the soaking rain.

Saturday evening entertainment.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

CO Weekend Day 1

A great ride today! A bit of rain in the AM but then it cleared up to a perfect partly cloudy day!

Had plenty of time to practice tire changes this time around with three flats! Yikes. Heard from course support that there were a lot of flats on this route.

Day two tomorrow! The time goes too fast!!!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Cycle Oregon Weekend

Check out the setting for the main stage for Cycle Oregon Weekend at Willamette University @ Salem. Oregon Capitol in the background... GREAT place! :)