Monday, April 25, 2011

Time lapse with the Go Pro HD

I can not wait to use this camera on this years Cycle Oregon. Finally have the time lapse tricks ironed out and will be using this ability to capture a setup of an entire Cycle Oregon camp! That will be a great addition to the eventual 2011 video. :)

Here is my short sample of a time lapse at the beach...

Monday, April 11, 2011

Bell Citi Helmet - The Right One

Finding a cycling helmet that works for you is a very personal thing. It is likely that one brand will fit your head, while another will make you feel like your head has been shoved into a vice. For this reason trying on helmets before you buy is a wise idea. A while back I decided to try out a Bell Citi helmet - and after a few months of use I am glad to say I tried it.

The first bonus of this helmet is its rounded shape. There has been some reports that pointy helmets, while very flashy looking, can increase the incidence of rotation injury in an accident, as the pointy shapes catch on the road surface, etc. See this link for a great resource on all things bike helmet.

A second bonus of this helmet is that I can fit my small ipod speakers right into two of the front vents. In the picture above you can just see one in the vent. Having some inspirational tunes on th eroad without the need for headphones? Priceless. The ability to have this sort of setup right on the helmet to easily go from trike to bike? Icing on the cake!

The helmet I went for is super high visibility yellow. Definitely plus points in the "dork" factor but if that means more visibility then so be it! This helmet has adequate vents without feeling too wide open, and thats even with me clogging up a few of the vents for tunes. the visor is a great addition and goes on and off the helmet with ease and is easily stored. On my past helmets I have usually pulled off the visor and lost it in the toolbox, but for the Citi I decided to leave it on. I was quite surprised how effective it is in keeping the rays (when they are shining!) out of the eyes.

Other notable features are a great head strap adjusting ratchet that works well and a rear mount for a blinkie. It should be noted that this helmet is slated to be DISCONTINUED, so get one now - BUT it is going to be replaced by a model named the Muni, which will have an even better adjustment system than the Citi.

For a closer look at these new helmets take a peeky peek here:

Overall a great helmet for commuting - but good for weekend warrior and or club riding as well. It won't net you any "Lance points" for style, but oh well. Plus, it's much more satisfying to pull up alongside the full kit guys in a bright yellow rounded lid like the Citi before slamming it into the big ring and taking off anyway!