Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Bike To School? SUSPENDED!

Simply unbelievable. Seems that once again, just as you thought it was safe to ride a bike to school, stupid raises its ugly head again.

Students suspended for biking to school

In this day and age of childhood obesity - are places like this going to continue to be idiotic hypocrites?

Absolutely stunning to me.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Buttery Smooth

Last month I posted about drinking your hot AM coffee after you infuse it with unsalted grass fed butter. Well coming up on a month of doing this I am SOLD on this as a great means to fuel up in the AM and feel great all morning. I thought I would update with a new post just to emphasize how great I think this is.

First steps first - find yourself a local store that sells grass fed unsalted butter. New Seasons is one. If you cannot find grass fed butter at a decent store near you, then its time to relocate.

Once you have butter in hand (I suggest buying several packages as you will find yourself going through a lot of it) then dish up several healthy pats straight into your mug.

Play with the amount. I typically do 4-5 pats for a 10 ounce cup. Perfect. I can already hear some of you - "Ugh" - don't knock it till you try it!

Now, pour your good strong brew over the top and give it a minute to melt. Now it looks a bit odd here, so the next step is critical. If you do not have one of those small handheld latte/milk frothing tools make sure you pick one up in advance. It will be seeing a lot of use I suspect so get a good one.

Give the butter a hit with the frothing tool. Let it spin close to the top as well - to get a nice buttery smooth head going on. By about now the rich smell of this is going to hit you and you are close to what I have deemed coffee nirvana.

Drink up and prepare to feel full, fired up, and GREAT all morning!

As a cyclist and Cross Fitter, I have found this combination to be excellent for long before rides and workouts. The fat is a great burning fuel and once its gone, my body seeks to continue the fat burn, rather than hitting me with the "Hey, insert more carbs in mouth!" signal.

Give it a try!!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Protect Your What What!

The good folks at Cruzbike have put together a great advertisement, not just for their own bikes, but for recumbents in general. Hits one of the "why do you ride that thing?" questions squarely on the head - comfort of the 'taint and not to mention - protection for your erection! (ha ha)

Having recently started riding the Downtube 9FS, for short distances, I can say that yes - the upright bike position is just simply NOT comfortable over the long haul. If it were, huge diaper-shorts would not be needed to go long miles.

Get a recumbent and protect your WHAT WHAT!