Saturday, January 23, 2010

Girls on Bikes

Cycling just needs better advertising. I came across an old image that seemed to imply that "back then" people got it. They knew that what sold bicycling to the masses was not lycra clad men, but scantily clad women. I mean, when you see these guys, you just don't really get a good feeling:

Yikes. Keep those bike shorts black there my friends and spare us the sausage-fest. Now here is an old poster that seemed to get it - that chicks (especially in bikinis) sell products:

I imagine in its day that many bikes were sold because of this image. Thankfully, there are some folks out there who get it. Now, I like to ride fast, but I would gladly slow down my speed to whatever it takes to follow this paceline:

Sorry roadies, but my neck won't be as sore as yours when in the tow because of my relaxed recumbent position. Riding behind a group like this will sell you on a recumbent and make you a convert, LOL!

For more reason to love cycling looking at... bicycles... check out the link below. Sadly though, no recumbent bikes. I looked at ALL of the ... bicycles... to make sure.

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