Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Get off the road!!!! Take the SKY you cyclists!!

Dedicated Bike Lane... In the sky? Make like a bird bike riders...

Wow, now I’ve seen it all

Hey, I know that the Auto Users of America really want us cyclists off of the roads but this idea takes the cake. I nominate it for the craziest idea I have ever seen outside of commuting by jet packs:

First off, what is with the dirigible? Are those coming back in vogue as the new hotness in air transportation? Anyway, take a look at the concept image of what the view would look like for the road-banished cyclists:

Yikes!!! Imagine the white-knuckle handlebar grip! I hope that those pedestrians have umbrellas to shield themselves from the rain of vertigo-induced puke likely to cascade down to the sidewalk below. Woah. I really do not think that this idea has considered recumbent bicycles either, and trikers would be SOL.

I like to think outside the box, but this is just crazy. Before you call me a killjoy, though there are real issues here:

What if you drop your water bottle or bike bag, or other item?
When someone rides out of that narrow-ass rail what happens?
When a slow rider is in front of you then what?
What happens in an earthquake?
What about all the zillions of birds that would take up residence on the rail?
Why not just build a decent dedicated bike bridge where people cannot possibly fall off?
Why not just make simple lane accommodations for cyclists on existing roads and bridges?

I know the debate rages about wether striped dedicated cycling lanes are good or bad, (article coming here soon!) but I wonder what you all think about this idea?

I’ll take my chances in traffic on firm ground, thank you.


  1. Is this for real? Do you even have to pedal your bike in those rails?

  2. I can't imagine. You would have to pedal - hopefully not falling out of the rail!