Thursday, January 28, 2010

"New Look" for Fixie Dudes?

I think I have seen it all now. Cycling fashion run amok. I thought full-kit type stuff could look ridiculous. Check this out:

What the hell? If this does not get the "most impractical cycle outfit of the century award" I do not know what will. Yikes. MC Hammer much? How much Assos cream does it take to butter up the pad in those big 'ol pants? Is that where you store your helmet? How long into your fixie ride until your pants like that get all wrapped up into the seat causing you to tumble over onto your salon-style hair?

I'm just sayin'...


  1. There is a reason they don't show him riding the bike. I don't think he could

  2. WTF is a fixie dude?