Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ride Report - Trike Goodness!

Well, finally. Finally had time to get out for a ride on a beautiful day. Just decided to do several loops thought he neighborhood and hit some steep climbs to give the legs and lungs a few shocks to get them going again.

Getting to climb a few good hills meant I got to take a few cool downloads too - always a bonus! The weather was perfect and the total time was just over 1 hour. Lots of hills. Lots more hills to climb before I am Cycle Oregon ready again. No sweat - it will come with time! No weirdness with traffic today - it was really very quiet. Ahhhh...

I will note somehting here - my “Trike Tip of the Day” for you all. Some trikers use a flag. I do on occasion if I am going to be in a lot of traffic riding solo. I decided to use my new flag today - the flag’s first venture out in the open. Now for the tip - make sure you use the little clip that came with  the flag to attach your flag to the seat. Otherwise you may be a bit suprised on one of your loops to dismount your tike after a long slog up a steep hill to take a photo only to be stunned to see this:

Aaaaack! The flag is GONE! Like "whoosh!" just flew off! I imagine it simply flew up the pole and took off on a screaming downhill. That had to look great to the drivers who witnessed it. Looked like a tool I guess. Oh well. The happy news is that I followed my same loop for a 2nd time around and I came across the flag unscathed. I scooped it up as I coasted past. 


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