Monday, January 25, 2010

Don't Honk Drivers - The Cyclist Might be a Cop

Mark this find down as one of the "laughing my ass off" finds of the day. When filming some footage for a Law Enforcement Toolkit for a florida police department, some douche decides to lay on his horn at the cyclists. Sad for him that until its too late does he realize he has laid on his horn at an officer on a bike and that he is now been captured on camera being a dip shit.

Pure classic.

As noted from the source article, "The video doesn’t show it, but he was shaking like a schoolboy. I’m guessing his bravado was a cover for having peed in his pants." 

I'll bet. Awesome. The best part is all the cars that pass the cyclists wind up getting caught at the light anyway. I love it.

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