Friday, January 15, 2010

Pay Through The Nose

Here is something really interesting that I stumbled upon just now. Too bad Christmas is over 'cause THIS could have been the hot stocking stuffer. Someone tell Santa. It is called a Neti-Pot. Check it out:

So for your money you get what is basically a small kids play kettle with a smurf-penis attached to the pouring end, so that you can shove it in your nose. I mean look at it. Its a penis for your nose. I imagine the marketing wizards had a real laugh over this one at some corporate board meeting. The best part is you even get a salty money shot for your pleasure:

I am not sure I could keep as straight a face as that lady. She must be really used to it. Used to it to the point where getting salty money shots in the nose has become old-hat. Like a pornstar of nose douche. I imagine my own facial expression and the actual experience would be closer to this dudes:

Yeah. Still though, according to the site link, the practice of "neti" (or nose-douce, but "hey did you "neti" today?" sounds so much cooler when you ask your friends at the gym) goes way back thousands of years. They say "neti is so beneficial that responses usually change from "YUK, there is no way I am ever going to try that" to "WOW. That is fantastic. I am hooked for life" after just one trial."

Heh. Well the marketing folks should take a look at that guys face. They would have to counter his advertising for this procedure with a video of some starlet doing it while having a big O as it rained rose petals in the background. Even then I would probably just watch the advertisement and keep my dollars investing in regular kleenex.

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