Monday, February 4, 2013

Melaleuca? What is that?

One of the first things I hear when making an introduction to this great company is:

"Melaleuca? Never heard of it..."

Part of that is because there is not a lot of bad news to tell. The company is sound and has great products. Their consumer direct marketing method however has had people them leap to this very wrong conclusion:

"Ah... I see its like Amway..."

NO. Not even close. Consumer Direct Marketing. I tell the story and introduce people to this company. If they want to become members I help facilitate that - and then they are on their own. I do not "sell products" to people. I endorse a company that I feel is well rounded and worthy of telling others about. Indeed it is. If you are not a Melaleuca customer there are a ton of benefits - contact me or visit my business homepage for information!

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I came across a great blog that really summarizes the company and these very natural comparisons people try to make:

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"Written by Valli Morgan, Melaleuca Marketing Executive and 2 time former Amway Distributor 
Taken from her personal experience with both companies Quixtar is Amway.. due to the trouble they got into they changed their name apparently to Quixtar!!

Melaleuca-Different From Amway

Let’s look at ten points and compare Melaleuca with Amway. This comparison comes up quite often as a concern to many people. It’s nice to be able to address this issue and have the confidence that Melaleuca comes out on top.

1. Company Track Record 
Amway- Amway has been around for 50 years so obviously they have a track record so we’ll give this to them.

Melaleuca- Melaleuca is a 18 (now 25) year old company with a A1 financial rating. We have excellent credentials with the Better Business Bureau. Our president and CEO, Frank Vandersloot, is the Vice Regional Chairman on our US Chamber of Commerce and was recently named Entrepreneur of the Year by CNN, Nasdaq and USA Today.

2. Financially Sound 
Amway- We can give this to Amway, also. They are a financially sound company.

Melaleuca- We are also financially sound as stated above.

3. Strong Management 
Amway- Since Amway has been around so long we can assume that they have good, strong management.

Melaleuca- Melaleuca has been featured in the Inc. 500 magazine five years in a row (Microsoft was featured three years in a row) as one of America’s fastest growing, privately held companies. This would make Melaleuca’s management team strong, also.

4. Unique Consumable Products 
Amway- Amway does have lots of consumable products but only 5% of them are unique. Actually, Amway buys from other companies and then packages the product in Amway bottles.

Melaleuca- All of Melaleuca’s products are consumable and unique to the company. They have patents or patents pending on all their products. What they don’t spend in advertising they spend in scientifically developing the best products for your home and personal use. They call it “the best of science and nature.” Melaleuca will not release a product until it is well-documented and researched.

5. Competitively Priced 
Amway-This is another area where Amway fails. As stated above, Amway buys many of their products from a middle man and thus has to mark up everything to the consumer to make a profit. You can buy most of their products just off the grocery store shelf for a lot cheaper.

Melaleuca- Melaleuca prices are very competitive to grocery store prices. We beat just about all prices on name brand products. This was a goal of Frank Vandersloot’s when he started the company. He wanted to make sure that anyone could afford safer products for their homes.

6. Low Personal Production Requirement 
Amway- This is another failure for Amway and one of the biggest. To be an Amway distributor (remember that word) you must order $250 a month of product to try and sell to others. That’s where the word distributor comes to play. You must buy wholesale and sell retail to anyone you can to get anywhere with Amway

Melaleuca- We are so different from Amway in this category. In Melaleuca, you order for you and your family alone. The requirement is only about $60 a month, something that you’re doing already at the grocery store. With Melaleuca, you just switch stores. We DO NOT buy wholesale to sell to others retail. We are not distributors. We are all just customers and have the privilege of buying wholesale for our families every single month. This can also include the privilege of earning a check from Melaleuca every month.

7. High Reorder Rate 
Amway- The reorder rate for Amway is 12% every month. Only 12% of the people that you have sold these products to will buy them the next month and months after that. And then you have to keep on chasing these people to get them to order again. Talk about lost friends

Melaleuca- The reorder rate for Melaleuca is a whopping 95%. Ninety-five percent of the people that ordered Melaleuca this month will order it next month. Once you set up a customer account with Melaleuca the company takes care of the rest and the customer orders and pays the company for their products. No chasing anyone.

8. Low Attrition Rate 
Amway- The attrition rate in Amway is 90%. That means that 9 out of 10 people will quit Amway and you will spend 90% of your time trying to replace those people.

Melaleuca- The attrition rate for Melaleuca is 7%. This is almost unheard of for a company. Customers are totally satisfied with Melaleuca products and the Melaleuca business.

9. Low Initial Investment 
Amway- The initial investment for Amway is $50 but, and that’s a big but, the starter pack is $200.

Melaleuca- Becoming a customer of Melaleuca is a $29 decision. Period.   You can order a Value or Career Pack to help your business, but they are not required.

10. No Risk 

Amway- There’s quite a few risks in Amway. One is just the risk of wasting your time. The majority of people in Amway seem to never make money and many lose money. The only way to really make the big bucks in Amway is to sell tapes, books, do seminars and conferences. Any training with Amway will cost you. And, of course, you run the risk of losing friends if they won’t buy your product. There are, also, quotas every month that you need to meet.

Melaleuca- There is no risk. If you are not satisfied with the products you will receive 100% of your money back. There is a 120 day money back guarantee on the business. If you are not satisfied with the business and you just don’t think that it will work for you, Melaleuca will refund your $29 no questions asked. They only want satisfied customers. All training with Melaleuca is free. You build your business the way you are comfortable with and at your own 
. There are no quotas every month to meet.

These are just a few ways that Melaleuca differs from Amway. We are trademarked as Consumer Direct Marketing. Melaleuca is a catalog company that pays residual income to those that refer others to the company.

The Bottom Line No selling products
No inventory
No risk - no one gets burned
Safe, healthy North American-made products for my family
No added expense - I already buy these products from some store
I’m paid to tell others
I am the boss, and I am responsible for my own work"