Thursday, February 6, 2014

Brief history of recumbent bikes

This just about sums it up:

History of recumbent bikes

The question is this: when will you give one a try? The surprise to many is that recumbent bikes are NOT just for old people, or the handicapped, or anything like that. They are just another bike - and one that will likely allow you to be faster and WAY more comfortable than your "safety bike" frame. Period. Anyone who argues this has simply not tried one.

And for those out there who are "reaching the age" where riding your DF is just getting too difficult - for your neck, ass, balls, wrists, back, shoulders, or whatever - what are you willing to do? Try a recumbent? Give up cycling forever? All of us who ride will face these questions eventually.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Birth of a new venture

Here in 2014, it is time to reactivate the blog, and combine it with the birth of a new venture.

Rose City Recumbent Cycles is now open and offering up the Cruzbike! We are offering up sales and service of this awesome bike - including custom builds of the Silvio 2.0 and the RAAM winning Vendetta.

If you want to go fast - and want to do so in style and in comfort - this is the ticket. We are the newest distributor and the only carrier of Cruzbike in the PNW.

Please visit us online and contact for us for more information on these awesome bikes!


Cruzbike Vendetta - custom build - And it is as fast as it looks.