Monday, January 18, 2010

Top 10 Cycling Friendly Cities

Came across an interesting post today at (sorry Ladies) about the “Top 10 Bicycle-Friendly Cities” and it is pretty interesting. Check it out here.

Lots of good stuff there to be sure. Some of those places look really sweet for cyclists. Note that this list is for the entire Earth - not just the U.S. (though some in the U.S. think the U.S. is the Earth) It’s telling that there is only one (1) city in that list that is in the U.S. 

Boy, does THAT suck! Guess we will have to wait for the “Top 10 Cities Destined To Resemble Myan Ruins” to make some top 10 lists, but I digress.

Portland, Oregon, coming in at number 6, makes the list which is saying a lot. Considering the list is covering the entire globe, kudos are in order. Clearly this list would put Portland at the number one spot for the U.S., but a rolling stone gathers no moss. Portland transportation planners, Public Works folks, and Urban Planners take note - 6th place is a long way from #1 so set a goal and lets do even better!

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