Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Punched in the FACE!

This is Awesome. It's an old news story that got me to post about this but its worth it based on current events. I was reading a great report about how low job satisfaction is.

Basically: "Americans of all ages and income brackets continue to grow increasingly unhappy at work - a long-term trend that should be a red flag to employers" Amen Father can I have a wafer with that? Then I came across the evidence that this is true. I Cannot Tell A Lie. When I read that in late 2008 Lehman Brothers CEO Dick (appropriate name for him) Flud was punched in the face while he was running on a treadmill and knocked cold - I felt a bit of glowing happiness inside. To the guy who had the balls to punch that shit-sack in the face: Thank You.

Hey, violence is never a good answer, but lets be real. Put scared animals (employees) in a corner when as the CEO (I like to call them "Conscious Exempt Organisms") you are netting hundreds of millions of dollars in bonuses (when you already have hundreds of millions) for destroying the U.S and possibly the world economies, you are going to have some lash-outs. Sorry. You reap what you sow. Regular employees get the shit stick for your failures and you get hundreds of millions in bonus. Yeah. When that happens you can expect to get punched in the face at a bare minimum. Flud is lucky that his head wasn't then stomped into the office grade carpeting. 

Get a load of this great image for the upcoming movie The Crazies which is a remake of the 1973 version of the same name:

Now, if that there isn't the spitting image of the disaffected laid-off masses - victims of nationwide Corporate White Collar Crime - I don't know what is! Lets call him "Greg."

According to the report of worker satisfaction, it could be inferred that more people like Greg will become dissatisfied in their work. When the Conscious Exempt Organisms are raping the general population, folks like Greg there just don't take kindly to that sort of thing. Especially when Greg faces losing his job, dog, cat, fish, car, TV, clothes, home, family, furniture, food, life purpose, and finally sanity. (And then finally his recumbent bicycles - which would be a real problem)

And the possibility exists that rich assholes are carrying weapons to protect themselves from "populist uprising" - that is a scary thought. I guess they may go to the ultimate end to protect their fancy pants, eh? I sure hope they have high capacity magazines and are willing to use them, because the disaffected like Greg outnumber them by a massive scale. Greg above may not be able to purchase a gun, but pitchforks are really not a good alternative if you are on the receiving end. 

Are the Conscious Exempt Organisms ready when guys like Greg come a-knockin' ?

(NOTE: the gun toting banker thing has apparently been debunked, but come on - are they really going to say "I'm packin' heat all you laid off poor bitches.") 

Probably not.

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  1. Hey Robert,

    That was a funny read I must say! So much good and powerful emotion, I can tell this blog is a good outlet. Doesn't that feel good? LOL, I am amazed one decked former CEO is all that's really happened so far.

    You don't think you could talk "Greg" into heading over to Paulson's house do you?