Friday, January 22, 2010

Can't We All Just Get Along?

I came across a great blog article today regarding drivers honking at cyclists, its increasing frequency, and the increasing heat between cyclists and motorists. This should be of great concern to everyone and the turmoil of the economy, environment, etc just are not the right ingredients to give people better attitudes towards one another. But in hard times I would say we need more than ever to be patient out there.

Taking an offensive approach on one side or the other only instigates further animosity towards cyclists by drivers. By the same token, when riders are all over the road it is easy to be frustrated.

Check out the article at the link below, and ride safe!


  1. Quiet often a smile is your best defence against drivers who pap at you or are impatient to get by you on a busy road and vent frustration on you by shouting out of the window as they pass. They dont seem to know what to do or say when you pull up along side them at the next set of lights wish them a good morning with a smile. Its not always easy to do though.
    Nice blog.

    Sean R in the UK.

  2. Sean,
    Thanks for the comments! I agree that keeping quiet and being cordial is the best way. There is something about being in a car that seems to make people think they are insulated and exempt from common courtesy.