Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Weekend ride done. Countdown to Going Coastal!

The weekend ride is over and done with. Man it was a strange one. A bit of the good weather, but the second day was as wet as I have ever been while riding. Here at home the drying out of gear continues...

At the final water stop the inside of my raincoat sleeves were full of water - ugh! Knock on wood but I am really really hoping for some more mild weather for the week ride. I realize it is on the coast so all bets are off, but wetness like that is hard to deal with for more than a single day.

The calendar as of today puts the week ride 52 days away. The time is now going to hit warp speed and September will be here before the blink of the eye. In the meantime, here are a few images from the last weekend. Also pleased worth the mount I had rigged up for the GoPro camera. It should prove to be very useful on the week ride for some great downhill footage.

 Local dog Harry guards the rest stop goodies.

 Crowds always gather to check out the trikes.

 Ride INTO the light!!!

 Camp before the soaking rain.

Saturday evening entertainment.

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  1. The rain sounds horrible! I truly hope it's better weather for you on your next ride!!! The pictures were awesome! Thanks for sharing!!! ;) visit me @