Monday, September 5, 2011

Cycle Oregon Duffel Shuffle

For your enjoyment.

OK folks,

Has everyone done the following? They come in order and 'tis required to "be ready" for CO:

Five Days to Cycle Oregon:

1. Set up tent at least 4 times in living room - you know - to make sure all the poles are there, etc.
2. Pack duffel.
3. Unpack duffel.
4. Repack duffel.
5. Unpack duffel because you forgot to pack "___" in the big ziplock and that ziplock was at the bottom.
6. Repack duffel.

Four Days to Cycle Oregon:

7. Checked weather forecast.
8. After checking weather forecast subsequently unpack duffel.
9. Repack duffel with items swapped out based on weather forecast.
10. Weigh duffel.
11. Take a HUGE sigh of relief that the duffle is packed and ready to go.
12. Realize suddenly that the tent is still set up in the living room.
13. Unpack duffel.
14. Take down tent.
15. Repack duffel.

Three Days to Cycle Oregon:

16. Have spouse mention, "Hey did you remember to pack your ______?"
17. Look everywhere for "______" mentioned by spouse.
18. Unpack duffel.
19. Realize that "______" is already in duffel, at the bottom.
20. Repack duffel.
21. Make determination that if it is not in the duffel by now, you can buy it from the Bike Gallery or Cycle Oregon retail tent and all is FINALLY good.
22. Crack open a beer to celebrate that the packing is now DONE.

Two Days to Cycle Oregon:

23. Look for parking pass in house.
24. Scour car for parking pass.
25. Unpack duffel.
26. Find parking pass at bottom of duffel.
27. Repack duffel.
28. Put parking pass in glovebox.

Late Night - Final Day to Cycle Oregon:

29. Check to make sure parking pass is still in glovebox.
30. Move duffle and all related gear to "pole position" by the front door.
31. Move cleaned and ready bike to the front door - ready to go.
32. Look for helmet.
33. Look everywhere for helmet.
34. Unpack everything in duffel.
35. Look up to see helmet sitting on kitchen counter.
36. Swipe helmet off counter into the duffel.
37. Repack everything back into the duffel.

Final Morning - Leaving for Cycle Oregon:

37. Scour house for anything forgotten. Find nothing. (Yeah!)
38. Move gear outside on porch.
39. Enlist help of family to get gear loaded.
40. Load bike on rack.
41. Load duffel in car.
42. Say goodbyes to everyone.
43. Reach for keys in pocket - just as you remember setting them in your helmet the night before...

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