Saturday, September 17, 2011

Day 5 - Cruise control into Powers

All that can be said for today is this - if ever a route were set for a recumbent - trike or not - this is it. Mild rollers ruled allowing for an amazing maintenance of speed the entire way. Along the way we rolled along grassy meadows and in between tree covered mountains dotting the sky. The morning started out a bit misty, but that only made the scenery more serene and incredible. And as always, the welcome at the finish line put on by the residents of Powers did not disappoint.

When the scenery is this awesome you simply must stop to soak it all in. If you don't then you really are missing the point.

Speeding along to Powers - I spied with my little eye a fellow trike rider passing by!

Fresh coffee brewed at rest stop # 1 straight off the coffee cycle? Yes!!!!

Scenes from just off the road on Cycle Oregon.

Fresh strawberries, watermelon, cantaloupe, and fruit of all kind greeted riders at the final rest stop. Served with a smile by a ton of amazing volunteers while Jhonny Cash blasted in the background. Awesome. Didn't stop at the last rest stop (only seven miles from camp in Powers) because you were in too much a rush? Ohhhhhhhhhh...

Camp in Powers. Pristine as it gets. If you spy the ideal campsites in the distance you win.

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