Monday, September 5, 2011

Five Days Remain

It is finally here. The home stretch. Less than a full week before leaving for Cycle Oregon. It's all about the packing and monitoring the weather from here on out. Oh, and the excited sleepless nights. And also checking for the fifth and sixth time that the parking pass is still in the glovebox. Might have to set the tent up in the living room, just in case. OK, so the last one is a stretch (looks over at bag packed with camping gear...)

Not sure what it is, but not too many trips elicit a response like going on a week long Cycle Oregon. Sure other vacations are exciting, but something about a supported bike tour like CO is just different. It's going to be fun. All vacations (hopefully) fit that bill, of course. But Cycle Oregon is going to be fun AND hard. Fun, hard, AND sweaty. Fun, hard, sweaty, AND sad. Whole ranges of emotions come with the territory. One day you are zooming along in the perfect weather, the next you are in a downpour of your life wondering if you will EVER make it to camp and wondering if your poor bag is sitting in a mud pool. Yes, it can happen. There will be the day a climb comes and you wonder halfway up - if you should just ditch it off to the side, pull some branches or grass over yourself and wait for the wildlife to carry you away. Luckily these things do not happen often so life should err to the "fun" side 90% of the trip. But to know those moments will come and still be excited to go? That is a true testament to the power of goodness that comes from experiencing this trip.

This video below presented by OPB (Oregon Public Broadcasting) is a few years old now, but it covers it quite well. Given the hard economic times, it feels very very good to be part of CO this year bringing at least a bit of economic spark to the towns that play host.

Highly recommend taking it in. Even better, gear up for 2012 and be prepared to sign up. This years ride has not even started and I am itching for February already!

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