Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Day Three - Another 80 Plus Miles

Day three is a wrap. Day three was a lot to take. What started off with an awesome climb ended with another awesome climb - except the first one was awesome in a good way.

Along the way in the morning I spied the rider on course with the absolute most guts of everyone. Still the coffee cycle churned up the hill...

Now, piloting the 100 pound Trailhead Coffee cycle up an almost 6 percent grade takes guts. Its one thing to tackle a climb on a sub 19lb road bike and brag at the beer garden. This guy - the Real Deal.

Close to the top, a great photo opportunity.

Cruising into the second main rest stop of the day saw a lot of great revelry, music, and the best part of the morning - fresh espresso hot off the Coffee Cycle.

The remaining section of the day was full of fast pacelines, (a few passed by a trike) massive headwinds, and a final climb of the day that was super hot and super devoid of shade. It was a long slog to finish, but the views were in true Cycle Oregon style - fantastic.

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