Saturday, September 11, 2010

So it Begins...

Having arrived in Elgin, Oregon and settled in for the first night, it hits. Cycle Oregon 2010 with over 2,000 friends. Having missed last year, it is hard to describe how exciting it feels to be back.

As was in 2008, the folks in Elgin are incredibly welcoming and all of the volunteers are just excellent.

Already in just the afternoon, amid a few thousand people, familiar friends from previous CO trips have mysteriously appeared - like a big family reunion. New friends have already been made over a cold beer and a great dinner.

Such is the "way it is" on Cycle Oregon. Even among a few thousand folks you run into people left and right that you have come to enjoy just being around. Opportunities arise to constantly meet others. Good times are being had by everyone - and it has not even really started yet!

Tomorrow is day one from Elgin to Enterprise. Terminal Gravity Brewing awaits. From the buzz in the beer garden here, TGB will be one hopping place tomorrow afternoon.

Cannot wait.

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