Monday, September 20, 2010

Day Seven - Bittersweet Ending

Finally have some time to sit down and reflect and post about the last day - day seven. The last day of Cycle Oregon is usually a hard one. I mean - the party is over. You have to ride the entire day knowing that at the finish it is time to return to "reality" - whatever that is.

To make this CO even harder was a final day that would prove to be one of the most difficult ever - a ride up and over Tollgate Pass from Pedleton to Elgin.

The ride itself was epic. The weather perfect for riding. Climbing long and hard. Downhills fast and furious. There can simply be no complaints about how awesome of a final day it was. Pulling into the finish at about 2:30 PM meant there was still a bit of goodbye partying going on. After a lot of goodbuys to friends new and old - time to wrap it up.

Until next year!

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