Tuesday, October 26, 2010

New Arrival - The B1

It has been a long time since posting - Cycle Oregon is over and the time since then has flown by. Where does it go?!?! Since the last post I have eliminated a few steeds - the Corsa SS is no more. It has gone to a loving home in Washington State, and I do hope it gets well used.

For me, I have been eying something of a more practical nature for a while. Something with a lower bottom bracket height and a bit more upright seating that is adjustable. Something in a similar flavor to my old Burley Django. I loved the Burley save for a few gripes - mainly the crappy seat attachment design that made easy adjustments "not so" easy.

My gaze fell upon an ICE B1 a while back at Coventry Cycles in Portland Oregon. I had to have it. I now have that B1 - just about outfitted the way I want for some road bombing in the rain and general two wheel fun.

Why the B1? Well, since I already have an ICE trike it is a perfect match. The quality is superb. Great components. As a bonus the mesh seat on the B1 can swap to the trike in mere minutes. Same for the hardshell I have on the trike. Bonus. The seating position with the U bar as seen in the picture is quite similar to my old Burley. The ride feels familiar and VERY comfortable. The seat angle is adjustable from upright to full recline in a matter of seconds and is very easy - something that was not possible on the Burley. The rear elastomer suspension - as on the ICE trikes - provides an incredible level of comfort and is pure simple in design.

So far I have not put many miles on, but I will have a full review coming soon.

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