Thursday, September 9, 2010

How Not to Get Hit

Here is an excellent website that explains in detail 10 scenarios on how a cyclist can be hit by a car, along with examples on HOW to avoid it. This is a must read for cyclists everywhere, and the suggestions here really do work when out on the roadways.

How Not to Get Hit By Cars

Example: I typically see cyclists riding as far to the right as POSSIBLE nearly all the time. When I am driving the car, I have seen cyclists on the road ahead of me riding so far to the right - that cars are brushing past them in an UNSAFE manner within mere inches - as if they are not even there. These folks would be wise to heed advice given at this site - they will likely find a huge reduction in brush passing and riding stress in general.

Per the site:

"But if you ride too far to the right, someone exiting a parked car could open their door right in front of you, and you'll be less visible to motorists pulling out of driveways and parking lots, and motorists coming from behind may pass you way too closely in the same lane because you didn't make them change lanes.  In each of these cases you were following the law, but could still have been hit.  This page doesn't focus on the law, it focuses on how to not get hit by cars.  Now let's see how to avoid getting hit."

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