Friday, April 23, 2010

Most Fun Steed In The Stable?


I am almost bewildered to post this, but today I discovered what bike is hands down the absolute most fun in our 4 recumbent-bike stable, and the most fun of all recumbents I have ever ridden.

My daughters Bike E

I took a brief "shakedown ride" today on it after doing a near complete tear down and clean, new sticky MTB pedals, computer, tires, brakes, etc, etc... I bought this bike last year but never actually rode it myself before the little one was off and riding it after my initial "all clear" safety check...

The Village Hut in Multnomah Village Portland, OR

Anyway, all I can say is this thing is a blast! It reminded me of my Burley Django - but even cooler (in a "DORK ALERT!" sort of way) and more fun. To my surprise the thing climbed very well - not really much slower than my F5 highracer over the same short distance but easily more comfortable, FUN, and more stable on the climbs. With a mega-range cassette and a 3x hub in the back there were gears to spare the hills. Sitting all upright - while likely a real pain in the tush over a long distance - was a real treat for me - being so used to laying waaaay back on the QNT and the F5. Wow.

I pondered this over lunch and it still amazes me. With how simple it is to adjust the Bike E to different size riders I will be riding this bike locally more often. You can sometimes find these things for a few hundred bucks on Craigslist too - what an ideal second bike or local lunch-go-getter!

Village Hut Food = Kick Ass Good

So out of all 4 recumbents in our stable - my new favorite for the local basher is the Bike E. I just plopped down on it and took off - no bags for the wallet,keys,phone, etc, etc - they won't fall out of the "normal" shorts I wore anyway like my other rides that really are not "regular clothing friendly". What a joy that was.

I have not had as much fun - probably looking like a massive dork on the road - since I started riding 'bents!

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