Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Enjoy the (Recumbent) View!

Well, it has been a bit too long since my last post - been busy with things and moving, etc... just hectic. Now that the weather is getting better and the days are getting clearer for riding, its time to relax and just ride and enjoy the view.

The view. That is not a topic that you hear discussed much by the hardcore road bike group."I sure enjoyed the view on my ride today..." Not much. Sometimes I think the reason is that the "view" really refers to the front tire or the front 10 feet of roadway directly in front of the cyclist. To get a "better view" requires a craning upward of the neck. That can be a pain after a while, so the natural view of the front tire just comes easily given the riding position on a road bike.

On a 'bent the view is everything right in front of you - like when you go to the movies and nab that perfect seat before the crowds show up. Bam. And by everything in front I mean the horizon line, the ground, the sky overhead, ahhh.... you will not ride along on a road bike and take pause while in mid pedal to look skyward and gawk at the clouds this much is true.

Maybe this is why so many roadies are riding so fast all the time: just nothing good to look at so might as well get it over with. Not sure myself - while the rest are craning their necks to see the view I'll keep on keeping on the recumbent riding along enjoying the BEST view on the road with no neck straining required (or at least no neck straining unless the view I have starts to strain it):

:) Ride on!

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