Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Cyclist Breaking Point

Everyone has a breaking point. For me as a cyclist - every driver that gets just a bit too close when they don't have to pushes that internal meter just a bit. The article here is an example of one cyclist who was pushed just far enough to finally take action into his own hands.

I can't condone the cyclists behavior, but I cannot be surprised at it either. As such I am not sure how to feel. While his actions were supposedly "in the wrong" I guess, its a bit refreshing to see someone stand up and not just cower over the white line and let yet another motorist feel like they "win" the car vs. bike battle of the day. Sorry but IMHO there just are some folks who deserve to be threatened with a rock to the face as it's the only thing they can respond to so that they "get it."

In a way I think it is a bigger lesson to drivers: : "Don't f@#k with that cyclist - he just might be a retired Marine ready to smash your skull with a rock!" The real thing to remember is he/she may likely be capable of actually using said rock.
Ten bucks says this motorist leaves cyclists alone the next time.

Everyone has a breaking point and his was clearly reached that day. I would bet that the driver won't mess with cyclists ever again. While he can relish in the fact that the judge found the cyclist "guilty" of the charge, the next retired Marine who wields a rock at his face might be the one to actually hit him with it - wether it is wrong to do so or not. I bet that diver soiled himself though. I would have loved to see that.

I love the picture too - the ex-Marine giving the driver a real good lesson in why being a mid-life-crisis asshat in a Convertible is just not "cool" to anyone.

And I disagree with the "lawyer" who said they could have called the police. We all know that would have resulted in nothing and it is a FOOLS ERRAND to "follow the law" in that type of situation. Now, if threats to CYCLISTS by drivers were actually taken seriously by authorities, I imagine one would not feel the need to crush someone's skull when the opportunity presents itself.

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