Saturday, February 27, 2010

Getting Pumped For Climbing

One of the challenges on any recumbent will be climbing hills. But they are not necessarily to be feared. Sometimes all it takes is a bit of a paradigm shift. At the beginning of each season when I hit that first long climb I need to remind myself of that - and then all is right with the world.

That first climb for me this year is Skyline in Portland. It is a pretty decent ride. This time it was a shorter out and back of 15 miles but it has some great climbs to prep the legs for what lies ahead in the season.

The key is to not get discouraged. Spin spin spin. Learn to love the climb. Rather than dreading that spin to the top - think of the coming hills as something to enjoy the attack on. Next thing I know - you are at the end and ready to head back! Next time - a bit longer excursion into them thar hills - Cycle Oregon is coming soon and this year I am going to be really ready for ALL the hills on that ride!

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