Monday, February 15, 2010

Why Portland Rules #498 - Bike Infrastructure Planning!

While some of the funding mechanisms remain a bit unclear, the message is MORE than clear - Portland is serious about being the greatest city in the US for riding a bicycle. Period.

Check out the full article at the link below, where the Portland City Council approved a $613 million dollar bike plan. NOTE: This is a planning document - not necessarily a BUDGET. This is important to note the difference here. As a Planning Document it will set the course, not necessarily se the funding or even the timeline. It is the message it sends that is important.  It is clear that Portland recognizes that providing sustainable transportation options creates a vibrant city that - in the long run - will result in more participation in cycling and better health of all communities.

Portland Bike Plan Approved

While you are there, get a load of some of the nut-sack comments at the bottom. Guess what - I ride a bike AND drive on the roads, so I am already paying for them - so to all those with that lame argument of "make the cyclists pay" shut your pie holes. We are already paying. We use the roads (with cars) already for the most part. Providing ample and appropriate cycling infrastructure can help reduce peak loads on roads and bikes cause close to ZERO wear and tear, unlike all the SUV single occupancy drivers with studded tires out there. Time to think about the future and Portland clearly is doing so.

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