Monday, March 1, 2010

Riders - PLEASE Use a Light at Night!!

Had a heart pumping few moments tonight on a bust road while driving home. To the riders who insist on tooling down the road in the darkest camo sans lights at night: You MUST have a death wish. Either that os you must have 100% faith in all drivers abilities so watch out fro you like they have night vision.

Came up to a rider who was "taking the lane" so to speak. At 8PM at night on a not-so-busy road but a fast one where cars hit 45 MPH regularly. This guy had on a black shirt, grey pants with some black "long underpants" and his bike had zero light on it. Only a tiny rear reflector. I spied this guy in front of me with just enough time to get over after hitting the brakes.

With all the tapes and lights available today - being seen is not such an impossible task. When riding at night take precautions to be seen. If you are going out and there is a chance you will be out after dark - make sure you are prepared! If you are out after dark and you are not prepared, don't ride the center of the road and assume that you will be seen in your black shirt.


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