Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hey, Sweet Fenders!

Over the winter I had the opportunity to give a good test to my Woody's Fenders on the QNT. They work great and as a bonus they look awesome. For many weeks of riding locally in PDX the fenders have had a real share of Portland wet. I am pleased to say they still look like new and are holding up great.

No rain today but looking good for it - just in case... it is Oregon after all.

It wasn't until the recent Monster Cookie ride in Salem, however, that I realized Cody's great fenders are also a real attention getter. Lots of "cool wood fenders!" from people on the approach. Added bling = added visibility I suppose.

The irony is that the weather was clear as a bell, but I decided to sport the fenders for the Cookie anyway. Given that this years Cycle Oregon is on the coast, I want to have some long mileage with these fenders to see how they stay put and to eliminate any rattles, etc. that may arise. Last years CO only had one day where I wished for the fenders (left them at home) but this year riding on the coast = fenders are on the must pack list.

They see me rollin... dry.

One day of riding a trike in the wet rain - leaning into corners only to receive an eyewash with wet road grit is one day too many. Normally on a day ride from home I will go without if the weather is good, but a week ride in Oregon allows too many days for possible rain. Sorry weather guy - can't trust you all on a week out forecast.

So - good to go to date on the fenders. Wood = trick looks and effective. Surprisingly light too. One of the benefits of being on the trike is that I can let go of the inner weight weenie and go in 100 percent style.

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