Sunday, May 22, 2011


Days, Hours, Minutes, Seconds. I happened to pop onto the blog to do some editing and messing with banner images just a handful of seconds before the Cycle Oregon countdown timer hit the once in a cycle 111:11:11:11. I had just a moment to get a screen capture just as the clock rolled onto it. Awesome.

Time is already going by quickly and soon we will be in double digits for going coastal. While sitting here looking at the seconds tick away - when I should be sleeping instead - I decided to reminisce via iPhoto a bit on past Cycle Oregon's. Here are a few images for your enjoyment.

After a while the cyclists get so used to the locals that everyone just goes about their business...

Coffee in.... coffee out...

Covered bridges + Little to no traffic = Awesome.

Sunrise... Sunset... All beautiful!

Even with many miles to go, looking ahead never makes me want to be somewhere else.

How many times can you ride a bike UP to Crater Lake and then AROUND it soaking in all the 
history at every turn? Only once.

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