Friday, June 4, 2010

The hottest trike in existence - is also the hottest tandem!

This last weekend at the Oregon Human Power Challenge, many got to lay their eyes on what could easily be a winner in the "hottest piece of engineering with pedals" award. In the flesh was an ICE back to back tandem trike.

Tandems trikes are a sight to behold on their own, but the honor of seeing this trike is that there are exactly two of these in the world. No more. That is a shame too, as seeing it in person is enough to melt your face - if you are into this sort of thing. :)

Amazingly, the stoker pedals forwards - though some great engineering. If you are wanting to tour the countryside on a tandem - I cannot think of any other way to do it that on something like this. Let the drooling begin!!

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