Monday, June 14, 2010

Bike Ban in Colorado Town

OK I think I have seen everything now. I had figured from learning me some history way back in elementary school that the Nazi's had been defeated, but I guess I was wrong.

Seems the clowns in charge in Black Hawk, Colorado decided to literally ban bicycles in town. Simply amazing. Will the idiocracy never end? You know - those darned human powered bicycles are just such a nuisance - what with their taking up so much room, and putting so much wear and tear on the roads, and making so much darned racket, and spewing so much icky icky pollution... oh wait...

Get this:

From the FAQ regarding this lunacy:

Q: I read that city leaders said the ban was for safety reasons. Was there a rise in crashes?

A: Black Hawk Police Chief Cole confirmed to Bicycle Colorado that there were no bicycle fatalities that preceded the ban. In fact neither the City Manager nor Police Chief could recall any car/bike crashes. Yet in a media interview, the Manager said that the ban was put in place " promote safety."

Attention residents of Black Hawk: Great job establishing the ultimate slippery slope of retard ordinances. Up next on the agenda I would guess are the Black Hawk ordinance to ban you from coming out of your house after sundown (for your own protection, of course) and the ordinance requiring Jewish people to wear a gold star on their chest. "Hello, I am from the City of Black Hawk. I am here to help you." Ugh.

What about kids on their bikes? They going to ticket the parents? Haul the little lawbreaking bike riding third grader thugs off to jail? 

If you want to tell the crapholes in Black Hawk what you think of this send an email to the wonderful folks like Black Hawk Mayor David Spellman that things like this cannot stand.

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