Monday, May 17, 2010

Trike BLING! Rotor Aero Q-Ring

Everyone loves to accessorize their rides. I especially love BLING that is not only very very purdy but very very effective and adds to the efficiency of the ride. Enter my newest bling on the QNT trike - a 54T aero Rotor Q-Ring in sleek black:

Ooooooooo now thats a spinner!

Let me first say that i am not new tot he Q-Rings. I picked up a set way back in 2007 as an "experiment" after fiddling with a full blown set of Rotor Cranks. I disliked the Rotor Cranks and the Q's seemed to be 95% or more of the benefit with zero of the hassles and weight penalty.

After the proper adjustment - a bit of science and art - it only took me a few rides to become hooked.

The Q's are like having the power going to the road 100% of the stoke. This took a bit of time to get used to and at first my endurance diminished a bit. But after acclimating I would not trade these for anything. Especially when in the bigger Q rings you can really feel the power going to the rear wheel. An added bonus is that since the rings are not circular, but ovalized, the effect of the 54T Q ring during the power stroke is that of a 57 or 58T round ring. Given that the QNT has a 20-inch drive wheel, I need all the top end I can muster for the downhills - especially the slight long ones, like some seen on this years Cycle Oregon. Maintaining 30 MPH downhill at 90 RPM is a lot nicer than having to do it at 120 RPM.

This coupled with a Capreo hub and 9-32 nine speed cassette equipped wheel (coming soon) should allow me to squeeze out a few more MPH before spinning out.


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