Monday, May 31, 2010

Human Power Challenge - EPIC

Well, once again the Portland Human Power Challenge as hosted by the OHPV was a BLAST! Take a look at some of the pictures here in this slideshow. Many more to come as well as some video here eventually.

Best highlight of the weekend, getting my arse handed to me (FIVE TIMES!) by my own spawn on the slalom/obstacle course on the trikes. A future racer was born this weekend. Very good times!

"Hey Dad, prepare to be trike-smoked. Again."


  1. Your daughter was awesome. #318 correct. She smoked the course over and over again. Very impressive, and I loved her trike handling. I heard a rumor that your basement has a trike obstacle course for her to practice in :)

    I had a great time, thanks for all the effort and setup.

  2. Thanks! Yes the trike practice happens in the basement. Nothing fast there though LOL. The crazy thing is that of all the riders she had the 3rd fastest overall time. Awesome! It was a great time for sure. Very successful weekend.