Monday, June 27, 2011

WHY Ride? WHY Cycle Oregon?

On the Cycle Oregon forum, some great questions were asked. Thought I would share...

Why do you ride?

I ride for health, but FIRST I ride for FUN. When on a ride I am taking the time to enjoy 100% the sights and experience of the environment from the recumbent position. There is nothing better. I ride fast and slow, but always for the FUN of it. I train hard some of the time while riding, but I have traded the "hardcore riding" for "fun riding" and keep my fitness level high via CrossFit. I suffer there so on the bike I can enjoy ALL of the time I have, which is never enough. When I encounter people who seem to have a "need" to ride at 110% pace 110% of the time, and treat every single ride as some kind of personal TDF and every rider in front of them whatever the age/gender/ability as a rabbit to chase down and smoke I just shake my head. Maybe thats one way to enjoy riding but for me that is just a waste of energy.

Plus, how can you NOT have fun on a rolling lounge chair????

Why go on cycle oregon?

Cycle Oregon is the ultimate fun on a bike. Period. Places I have seen from my bikes when on Cycle Oregon I will not/would not EVER see from a car. I just would never feel like driving to those places.

What is your favorite part?

The cruising each and every day and just realizing that 2000+ others are out there having FUN riding! It is hard for me to pick a favorite part... If I had to pick a "favorite day" for me it would be the 2007 loop up to and around around Crater Lake. Perfect weather. Awesome sights. It was a very challenging ride for me but finishing that loop brought tears to my eyes it was so awesome.

Could you have appreciated it 10 years ago?

I only wish I could have been turned on to Cycle Oregon 10 years ago... but 5 will suffice. :)

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