Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Bling review: ICE Computer Mount

I had figured my computer mount on the ICE trike was pretty slick - sitting on top of a NOB mount just inside the left handgrip. Occasionally I would bump it though with my leg, which became a bit annoying on long rides. Then one day I came across the ICE computer mount and I had to have one:

ICE Mount as shown on ICE Website

The mount is designed to go on the front boom bottle mount, and can be used in addition to a cage. I ordered one of these up pronto and it works a treat. I only had to re-drill new holes on my aluminum bottle cage, as the cage design had it sitting too low and it interfered a bit with the computer. A standard cage however would not have this issue. Some of the need to re-drill the cage mount holes comes from the specific design of the Cateye Adventure mount design, which sticks up further from its mount as most computers, which are more centrally located on their mounts.

The computer unit fits perfect, and the view of the computer from the seat is better than I expected even though it is a lot further away than I am used to. There is no interference with the sensor (located on the left kingpin) and no more occasional bumping things with my leg on the pedal stroke!

Adventure perched on ICE super-awesome-mount. Note the Adventure is a bit larger and high-positioned than most computers.

Not all of the ICE trikes (or trikes in general) have the front boom mounts for a cage, but if yours does, this little addition is a perfect way to add a bit of bling and get your computer out of the way and in an ideal location.

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  1. I really love those fenders/mudguards
    Where did you get them?