Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Fenders CAN be Cool!

Who would have thought that fenders could actually be COOL? I have seen a lot of great looking fenders on bikes through the years, but I have always coveted the awesome looking wood fenders. I finally had an opportunity to (an excuse actually) get a set of these for the QNT. Since I changed to the Big Apples, the stock fenders no longer fit... what to do to get ready for the wet weather this fall? Ah Ha!!

I had these made by Cody Davis of Woody's Fenders in Bend Oregon. I must say -  the workmanship is excellent and the fit is perfect. The looks are the icing on the cake, though now I am not sure if I ever want to ride in the wet again!

Given the nature of a custom fit on a trike, I drilled the fenders for the brackets myself, but all measurements of the stock feders were provided to Cody, guaranteeing a perfect fit.

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