Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Trike Wins

Well, I have been putting in more and more local rides on both sets of wheels. With the completion of the Cycle Oregon Weekend I am just about to call it - for me, hands down, the trike simply wins and provides the best overall cycling experience I can imagine. While I do still enjoy riding on two wheels, the more time I spend riding my trike the more the glossy sheen of two wheels fades.

Part of this journey is in discovering what type of rider you are. I am not a racer type. I am not built for it, nor do I really desire to be one if I could. Acceptance of that fact is quite an enlightening and freeing experience. For those who want to always be like Lance - thats OK - I imagine you would not be caught dead on a trike to begin with. For the rest of us....

Cycling is more about the fun of rolling down the road - wether that be fast or slow. For others who want to race, or chase the rabbits, that is fine, go forth and do so. But nothing kills the great buzz of riding a bike faster than trying to always ride like someone you are not.

Having found the inner purpose, on to the wheels. Riding the trike has allowed me to ride with more relaxation and sense of freedom than ever. On that platform, the entire horizon is the movie screen. The feeling of safety of the road is better. No worries about slow speed wobbles. Venturing into unknown territory where the steepness of the climbs is a mystery is no longer a fearful thing. Bring it all on.

On the Corsa I just cannot say the same. It is a lighter ride, and I can climb most of the local smaller hills faster on it, but that speed increase comes with a large sense of discomfort. Cars are closer to me when they pass. There is always a bit of wobble present. The rearview is less steady. Having to stop and start at lights, etc is a real hassle after doing the same on a trike. It is simply amazing how much energy goes into balancing two wheels.

I do still enjoy the swooping feeling of carving a nice downhill on two wheels - nothing can compare. But getting there has become too enjoyable on the trike. I have to wonder if the days of keeping the two wheeler are numbered. A few seasons might have to elapse before the ultimate decision is made to sell it off or not but for now, the trike simply wins hands down.

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